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Sophie’s Stickman

Sophie drew a family portrait for Stickman’s house.

Sophie made Stickman.

Stickman ate pancakes for breakfast!
Here is Stickman in his house.
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Hello Stickman

This week the children were introduced to our new book – Stickman by Julia Donaldson. On Monday the classroom was decorated with sticks and the children had to collect all the letters and work out what it said. They were thrilled when they found out our new book.

We went on a nature walk to look for our own sticks and spotted lots of interesting things on route. We couldn’t believe it when we saw the blossom tree already showing flowers. The children loved going to the pond on our school grounds and feeling lots of different textures – such as the rough bark or the smooth leaves of the rosemary.

We made our own nature table in our classrooms and loved exploring the creatures. In math’s we have been learning about the different 2d shapes – we made homes for them using the shapes. Can you think of any 2d shapes? Can you spot any in your home?

The children were inspired by Ethan who brought in his own Stickman to make their own. What would you do with your Stickman?

In the story the seasons change. We spoke about what happens to a tree in each of our seasons and made some beautiful pictures. Which season do you like most?

Have a great week,

Kate, Sally, Kelley and Athina

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A very snappy week!

This week we have continued to base our learning around the book ‘The Crocodile who was Afraid of Water’. We have had a lot of fun finding out about crocodiles and were even visited by the main character from the story.

The children thought of fantastic questions to ask the crocodile (who was in fact a dragon) such as….

How did it feel when you went in the water?

What does it feel like being a dragon?

What’s the best thing about being a dragon?

Can you think of any more questions?

We got very creative and made our very own pet crocodile. Would you like a pet crocodile?

The crocodile in the story is actually a dragon so we thought about how they may feel and made a textured dragon. How do you imagine they may feel?

As a class we thought about what the crocodile was amazing at and decided he was brave, kind, an amazing flyer and very kind. We then thought about what we are amazing at and made lists.

Next week we are going to learn about Diwali. Find out more here

Well done on all of your wonderful learning,

Kate, Sally, Kelley and Athina

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Let’s Get Reading

At Torridon Primary School we love books and we hope that your child will also be filled with the joy books can bring. From today we will be sending home reading books which your child should be able to read using their phonic knowledge as well as a book for you to read with them.

The ability to read doesn’t happen all at once It involves a series of stages that lead, over time, to independent reading and to fluency. We hope to provide you as the parent with the confidence to support your child in their reading journey and would like to give you the opportunity to attend the following parent workshops.

As a parent there are lots of ways you can support your child to be a lover of books. Here are some hopefully helpful tips.

Show your passion for books- never let it be a chore. If they see you reading they will also be encouraged to pick up books. It doesn’t always have to be books but recipes, instructions, traffic signs, greeting cards etc.

If you are reading your child a book make books as exciting as can be. Here are a few ways to bring a story to life….

  • Read with drama and excitement! Use different voices for different characters in the story. Use your child’s name instead of a character’s name. Make puppets and use them to act out a story.
  •  Re-read your child’s favourite stories as many times as your child wants to hear them, and choose books and authors that your child enjoys.
  • Read stories that have repetitive parts and encourage your child to join in.
  •  Point to words as you read them. This will help your child make a connection between the words he or she hears you say and the words on the page.
  • Read all kinds of material – stories, poems, information books, magazine and newspaper articles, and comics.
  • Encourage relatives and friends to give your child books as gifts
  • Subscribe to a magazine for your child. He or she will love receiving mail!

Now that your child has their own reading book here are some helpful tips to make your child’s reading journey positive….

  • Set aside a specific time for reading every day and make reading a priority. Try not to do the reading when you are both tired!
  • Look at the front cover first – what do they think it might be about?
  • Encourage your child to read to you. Follow the words with your finger and sound out the words (c-a-t: cat) See if they can pronounce each sound and then blend them together
  • Be positive. Praise your child for trying hard at their reading. Let them know it is alright to make mistakes.

What happens if your child gets stuck?

-Use phonics first. What sound does the word begin with? Can you say the sounds in the word? Blend them together.

-Read to the end of the sentence. What would make sense?

-What is the text about – what might fit here?

-Look at the picture. Does it help?

Asking questions and chatting about the book is a great way to develop your child’s understanding…

  • Look at a page and ask questions which is not based on the words “how can you tell it is a hot day?”
  • Ask your child to make predictions about what they think might happen. You could make your own predictions too!
  • Putting themselves in the characters situation “How would you feel if that happened to you?”
  • Asking them at the end of the book what they loved about the story. Would they change anything?
  • They could pretend to be one of the characters and you could interview them.

We hope this has been helpful and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support with your child’s reading. Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.

Sally, Kate, Kelley and Athina

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It’s the end of term!

Hi everyone,

It has been lovely to see you all on Microsoft Teams this week. You should all be very proud your first term in Reception, you are all amazing!

Sally, Kelley, Athina and I are always here for you if you have any questions or queries.

Black History week

This week we have been learning about Floella Benjamin and her journey to England as a child.

The children have created their own suitcases and thought about what they would bring in their suitcase.

Bob Marley

We have also been learning Bob Marley’s song ‘One love’ and we have made actions for the song. Can you sing along with the song at home?

We also practiced this Carnival song in class. Can you copy the movements at home too?

We hope you have a lovely half term with your families and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 2nd November.

Stay safe!

Sally, Kelley, Athina and Kate

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Drawing round Iris

We drew round Iris on the back of some old wallpaper and then she labelled parts of her body
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Iris’s globe

We made a globe out of salty dough. Once it was set, Iris painted it with food colouring. She tried to copy her big sister’s globe.
We pointed out where the UK is. The other country that Iris knew was France.

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I will be 5…

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I am Finlay

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Been around the world there’s no place like home

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